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Beetle Kill Pine: Blue Pine Flooring - Paneling - Siding - Trim

Salvaging & Reclaiming the Rocky Mountains Dying Forests Into Beautiful and Unique 'Blue Pine' Log Homes and Wood Products


Reclaimed Timber Company, LLC
                      "It's time to save trees so they can save us."-TIME Magazine, July 23, 2007

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FIRST EVER COVERAGE BY CNN FEATURES GREENWAY'S EFFORTS TO UTILIZE BEETLE KILLED TIMBER! Invasion of the Pine Beetle”, that ran on the CNN Network and is now online at CNN/Money.  This piece features our efforts to educate, create awareness and volunteer efforts, and to encourage utilization of this ‘standing dead’ timber that will ultimately cost billions in cost and losses. 

"Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life." - UN designates 2011 as International Year of Forests

How Your Use of Beetle Killed Wood Can Create a Carbon Negative Effect; Randy Piper

Beetle kill -The Issues and Opportunities, An Economic Stimulus Outline; Randy Piper

How bark beetles are pitting the U.S. vs. Canada; The U.S. is taking Canada to international court over a timber price dispute ; Cassandra Profita, Ecotrope

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mountain Pine Beetle and the Utilization of Blue-Stained Lodgepole Pine Timber in Colorado 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to better utilize natural resources such as the dying forests in the Rocky Mountain Range, and build our business with strong emphasis on a 'blended value' approach.  We will support the communities where we do business with social, economic, and environmental benefits through attainable housing, sustainable forestry operations, and environmental education.  Our hard work and honest ethics, beautiful and unique 'Blue Pine Recycled Timber Products' and other eco-friendly products, will become our trademark from nature.

 We feel it is everyone's responsibility to utilize this 'gift of nature' as one of the steps that we all need to take to ensure that our children, and the generations to come, will be able to experience the beauty and awe of our natural resources.  We have committed to giving a percentage of our revenue to forestry management and sustainability programs, and to housing programs that help people obtain homeownership.  We feel this good stewardship, 'blended value' approach of societal, environmental, and economic benefits is a step in the right direction in doing our part to building a green and sustainable future for this beautiful place we all call home.

Utilizing these trees, by 'salvaging and recycling', is a sound step in sustainability and a big step in going green.  By using this dead timber that will otherwise go to waste and simply fall to the forest floor - creating, fire, water, and wildlife hazards beyond what we can imagine - you are becoming part of the solution.

Based on this philosophy, we are building our business with strong emphasis on a 'blended value' approach by supporting the communities where we do business with social, economic, and environmental benefits.  We offer affordable to high end homes and over 400 different wood and building products. We strive, and encourage you, to build in an eco-friendly manner by 'recycling nature' and helping to prevent millions and millions of feet of lumber from simply going to waste. We urge you, from architects and designers, to home builders and home buyers to help us use these dead and dying trees for almost any wood project that you can imagine.                   

Office - 5707 West 6th Ave #100-105
Lakewood, CO, 80214

Mailing address - 5707 West 6th Ave #105
Lakewood, CO, 80214





The Carbon Cycle

Green is the new Red, White and Blue! Join us in our efforts to salvage and recycle Colorado's devastated "Blue Pine" forests by ordering our beautiful and unique log homes and specialty lumber products!